Powerflush Cleaner

For cleaning new & old, hot or cold central heating systems

Our new formulation cleaner for all types of central heating systems.

Powerflush Cleaner can be used with or without a powerflushing machine to remove sludge, flux, debris, scale and more from radiators and pipework to restore system efficiency.

It contains added flocculents to keep particles in suspension and stop them from sticking. This ensures that dislodged particles are easily removed when the system is drained and is therefore a fantastic treatment for servicing old heating systems.

Powerflush Cleaner is also an effective treatment for removing debris from new installations.

Can be left in the system indefinitely, although we recommend draining the system to remove all dislodged particles for maximum efficiency.

Suitable for


Powerful cleaner

Highly concentrated formula removes sludge, flux, scale, debris and more

Superb results

With or without a powerflushing machine

Safe on all materials

Including aluminium

Can be left in the system indefinitely

Although we recommend draining to remove debris

Contains an added flocculent

Keeps debris floating (in suspension) and prevents further settlement/sticking

One litre can sufficient for average domestic heating system

10 rads/100 litre system

Designed, manufactured and supplied in the UK

By one company - Wessex Chemical Factors