Teak Renovator (Part 2)

Wessex Teak Renovator

Part 2 of a 2 part teak cleaning system that produces superb results.

Teak Renovator (also referred to as a teak brightener) is designed to restore the colour so it looks like new teak again.

As soon as you apply Teak Renovator, the teak will lighten to a lovely uniform amber colour and eventually dry to a straw colour, just like new teak. No patchy areas, just some teak to be proud of again!

Please note: Teak Renovator is designed for use after using our Teak Cleaner to clean the teak.

For more information please visit our teak cleaner website: www.teakcleaner.co.uk

Suitable for


Brings teak back to its original finish (after cleaning with Part 1 Teak Cleaner)

A straw colour when dry

Creates a freshly sanded look

No hard scrubbing, sanding or bronze wool required

Substantially reduces cleaning time

Rapid cleaning action

No hard scrubbing or sanding

Which can significantly reduce teak thickness

Safe on boats

Will not soften boat deck seams / caulking

Restores teak colour

A lovely nutty brown when wet, but dries to a straw colour when dry like new teak

Easy to use

Just mix with water in a bucket and apply with a sponge or soft brush