Complete Bathroom Care

Concentrated, biological, multi-purpose cleaner for use all over toilet and bathroom hard surfaces.

Complete Bathroom Care is a bacteria based, biological product designed to clean all over the bathroom. The bacteria consume offensive odours at the source, leaving areas clean and smelling fresh.

Supplied in a concentrated formula, Complete Bathroom Care also contains substances to lift off dirt, grime, scale and greasy deposits from a range of hard surfaces in the toilet and bathroom area. Suitable for cleaning sinks, taps, baths, tiles, showers, toilets and more.

The bacteria can also continue to consume odours and waste down into pipework and drains. Regular cleaning with Complete Bathroom Care can help avoid build-up of organic substances.

For best results, we recommend diluting with water and using a spray to apply to surfaces. Leave for a minute and then wipe off with a warm, damp cloth.

For a handy ready-to-use formula please check out our product Blue Bio - multi-purpose toilet bowl, shower & bathroom cleaner.