Bio 40 Odour Digestant

Odour Digestant / Eliminator / Eradicator / Remover. Odour removing liquid for professional use.

Bio 40 uses micro-organisms (enzymes / bacteria) to biologically breakdown the organic materials that cause offensive odours. Bio 40 contains a perfume to re-odourise the site, which will over-ride the smell giving immediate relief, and prevent the 'gagging effect'. The active bacterial spores in Bio 40 then start to digest the offending volatile compounds. The organic wastes are neutralised and converted into harmless carbon dioxide and water.

Bio 40 is particularly effective on flooring, fabric, wood and carpet which have suffered human or animal 'accidents'. Also great on milk spillages on carpets and car seats. It can also be used on the flooring area around toilets and urinals.

Supplied as a concentrate. Dilute with water before application. Ideally spray liquid onto areas, removing any solids beforehand. Can be mopped onto hard surfaces if preferred.

For a ready to use spray - See our product - Blue Bio odour eliminator.

Suitable for


100% Biodegradable

Environmentally friendly

Removes odours

At the source

Pleasant perfume

Masks offensive odours whilst the bacteria go to work

Water soluble concentrate

Can be heavily diluted with water

Easy to use

Simply spray or wash on surface and leave