Powerful acidic drain opener

Drainex is a powerful mineral acid compound, specifically formulated to clear blockages in drains caused by organic substances. Quick and efficient, Drainex clears blockages caused by hair, coffee grout, tea bags, sanitary towels, fats, greases, body waste, toilet paper, cloths, uric acid, rodent carcasses and more.

Contains approximately 96% Sulphuric Acid. For professional and domestic use. Use with caution, handle with care. Supplied in drop tested bottle with child safety lid.

Available in 1 and 2.5 litre bottles.

Suitable for


Industrial strength

96% Sulphuric Acid = No nonsense

Fast and effective

Clears organic substances quickly

Can be used in domestic bathrooms

Bath, shower, sink, toilet (please follow instructions)

Suitable for industrial use

Used by professionals

Useful aid in commercial kitchens

Where food grease and fat can cause blockages