Powerful traffic film remover

Tiffer is a powerful, caustic based pressure washer additive and traffic film remover (TFR).

Tiffer is primarily designed for the cleaning of commercial vehicles. For the cleaning of traffic film from bodywork and removing greases and oils from chassis and engines.

It is also used in the engineering industry for the removal of greases and oils from concrete floors and walls.

This product IS NOT suitable for the cleaning of cars with a cellulose painting system. See Easy Vehicle Clean for car cleaning. Tiffer is suitable for coaches and lorries.

Can be applied neat, diluted with water or sprayed with a pressure washer lance. Tiffer traffic film remover is still very effective at low concentrations.

Suitable for


Highly concentrated

Heavily dilutable

Powerful cleaner

For coaches and lorries

Removes traffic film

Also, grease and oil

Excellent at cleaning concrete flooring

In factories and workshops

Can be used with a pressure washer