Industrial Methylated Spirits


Also referred to as De-natured Alcohol or IMS/IMS99. PLEASE NOTE: (UK) Government regulations have changed - you need a licence in order to use this product.

Industrial Methylated Spirits is a clear version with no dye. Methylated Spirits often contain a purple dye to serve as a warning, but this dye can stain certain porous surfaces.

The Wessex formula cleans and degreases a multitude of different surfaces before evaporating. Ideal product for preparing areas before applying signage. Contains anti-static properties to remove and prevent dust build-up (we also produce Meths with a anti-static booster for more dramatic results).

We can also provide Isopropyl Alcohol but we think Industrial Methylated Spirits provides a more cost effective solution.

Suitable for


No dye

That can cause staining

Cleans and degreases

Effectively before evaporating

Excellent product for preperation of surfaces

Before applying signage