HSD Extra

High Strength Descaler

HSD Extra is a high acid strength descaler containing surfactants and inhibitors. The added surfactants speed up the penetration and removal of scale deposits and the inhibitors minimise metal attack. The high acid content is also valuable in attacking the stubborn areas of scale.

HSD Extra can be used neat or diluted with water (ALWAYS add HSD Extra to water, NOT the reverse). HSD Extra can be brushed on or the item can be immersed in a solution (temporarily).

HSD Extra can be used as a highly effective descaler for a variety of applications. For the removal of layers of concrete and cement from equipment and masonry. Derusting and descaling metals, descaling tanks, heat exchangers, water pumps, cooling systems and more.

Please note: This product is highly corrosive and should be used with extreme care and the necessary clothing, including, goggles/face mask and gloves.

Suitable for


Powerful descaling action

High Hydrochloric Acid content (approx. 36%)


To minimise metal attack


To aid penetration of scale