Alcohol-based hand sanitiser for use in the food industry. Evaporates after rubbing into hands.

Sanihand contains highly effective antimicrobial compounds and skin conditioners in a bactericidal alcohol based liquid soap. It is equally effective against GRAM-positive and GRAM-negative organisms and is an ideal product for use in high-risk areas such as cooked meat plants where a high standard of personal hygiene is required.

Simply rub into hands and allow to dry. No need to use with water.

Clean hands if dirty, apply 3ml of Sanihand from the dispenser and rub over both hands and between the fingers. Allow to air dry. Do not use towels, as these can be a source of further contamination with bacteria.

Suitable for



No need to mix with water

Evaporates quickly after application


GRAM-positive and GRAM-negative organisms

Can be used in hand dispensers and pumps

Liquid formula