Contacta Clean 4

Solvent mixture

Contacta Clean 4 is a powerful degreasing solvent for a multitude of uses in various industries. It quickly dissolves and removes grease, dirt, marker pen ink, adhesives and anaerobic sealants from all metal and rubber surfaces. It can also be used on most plastics and paints, although prolonged contact can cause softening of such surfaces.

• Cleaning and degreasing contacts and electric motors, including automotive starter motors, generators, fork lifts milk floats etc.
• As a powerful, non flammable brake cleaner.
• Degreasing manufactured components in the precision engineering industry.
• Degreasing all types of metal prior to welding, including aluminium.
• Can also be used as a general degreasing and cleaning solvent in most industries, including dewaxing food preparation and wrapping machinery.

Electric Motors
Blow out loose dust and dirt with compressed air, replace worn (or arcing) brushes and spray Contacta Clean 4 onto the motor until grease and oil is removed. Blow dry wuth compressed air and re-lubricate all bearings etc. Small motors can be immersed in Contacta Clean 4 to avoid disassembly. Blow dry afterwards and re-lubricate. WCF Dewatering Fluid may be used to protect cleaned surface from corrosion and moisture.

Spray Contacta Clean 4 onto the brakes until grease and oil is removed. Blow dry with compressed air.

Small parts can be immersed in Contacta Clean 4 until clean, agitation will quicken the process. Larger parts can be sprayed until clean. Cleaned parts can be protected with WCF Dewatering Fluids.

Spray onto surface and wipe with a clean cloth. Residual cleaner will evaporate away quickly. See also WCF Antispatter and Weld Blue Remover.

Suitable for





Cleaner and degreaser

Evaporates quickly

Leaves no residue

Non corrosive

Even safe on aluminium