Ultra Blue Toilet Fluid

Ultra Blue Toilet Fluid 1 Litre

Formaldehyde-free, blue toilet fluid. Suitable for caravans and motorhomes

Powerful, highly concentrated and efficient formula designed to minimise odours and accelerate the breakdown of waste matter. Ultra Blue toilet fluid keeps the waste tank clean and odour free and is fully biodegradable to minimise its impact on the environment. Ultra Blue contains two disinfectants to create a powerful agent that breaks down waste and controls odours commonly found in caravan toilet and waste tanks. It also contains a silicone anti-foam to lubricate seals and moving parts in the system and to prevent excessive foaming when pouring or transferring the product. Ultra Blue has a unique washable blue dye so any spillages can be cleaned without concern.

Ultra Blue has a pleasant smell and is effective for several days at dilution rates of up to 200:1 or 10 ml (1 capful) per 2 litres of waste tank capacity. A minimum of 2 litres of water is required in the waste tank for this to be fully effective. Do not use Ultra Blue in flush reservoir tanks.

Wessex sells a compatible top tank (flush reservoir) fluid - Ultra Pink.

Suitable for



Makes pouring easier

Highly concentrated

Small dose


Washable blue dye



Added lubricant

To protect toilet system

Odour control

Keeps waste tank clean and odour-free

Pleasant fragrance