Protect Hands

Protect Hands

Protective universal barrier cream.

Protect Hands is a fast-acting, non-greasy barrier cream for both wet and dry work.

Like all of our products, our barrier cream is not tested on animals. Protect Hands is ozone friendly and provides a barrier against irritants.

Protect Hands provides around four hours protection against acids, alkalis, other chemicals, paints, resins, dyes, epoxies, plastics, oils, greases, odours and solvents.

Protect Hands protects against rashes and allergies.
Also resists repeated washing with water.

Simply massage into hands / skin and leave for 5 minutes for protection to build-up.

Protect Hands barrier cream will not protect wounds but will not harm them either.

Suitable for


Ozone friendly

Non-toxic and not tested on animals

Quick and easy to apply

Simply massage into skin


Against acids, solvents, paints and more


Skin dryness and cracking