Speciality Cutting Fluid

Wessex Speciality Cutting Fluid

Our superb cutting, drilling and tapping fluid.

Speciality Cutting Fluid is a blend of fatty esters and extreme pressure lubricants in severely solvent refined mineral oils.

It is used on cutting tools, broaches, taps, dies and other extreme pressure tools. Speciality Cutting Fluid reduces frictional heat and prevents scoring even when tapping the toughest alloys. Contains no lead graphite or minerals.

A very high performance product for severe applications on heavy duty alloys, stainless and aerospace steels. Also recommended for titanium, nimonics, waspalloy and aluminium.

Comes in aerosol (spray) and liquid form. Wessex Speciality Cutting Fluid is a high quality product that has been used in the engineering and construction industry for many years.

Suitable for



Prevents scoring, even on the toughest alloys

Lubricates & protects

Lubricates saw blades and other cutters

Reduces frictional heat

Suitable for severe applications

High performance