Medicated Skin Cleaner

Medicated Skin Cleaner

Liquid soap removes stubborn dirt and grime from skin without harsh abrasives.

Medicated skin cleaner penetrates deep into the skins pores, where it effectively dissolves and removes stubborn deposits and stains.

Contains special skin conditioning additives that help prevent skin from drying out and cracking. Does not remove the skins natural oils and will leave your hands feeling soft and smooth. Can even be used on the body and face.

For workshops and other industries we recommend using Medicated Skin Cleaner alongside one of our beaded hand cleaners so you can remove tough stains without drying the skin.

Suitable for


pH neutral

Helps prevent skin dryness

Removes many stubborn stains

Including ink and grease

Can be used all over the body

Hands and body

Great alongside a very abrasive beaded hand cleaner

To restore the pH balance of the skin