WCF4 Maintenance Spray

Wessex WCF4 Maintenance Spray

Silicone free maintenance spray and water repellent.

WCF4 Maintenance Spray combines dewatering and corrosion prevention in one operation. Light mist removal on mild steel and up to six months protection indoors.

\\\\\\\'Dries out\\\\\\\' ignition systems etc, to prevent shorting.

WCF4 Maintenance Spray frees seized nuts, bolts etc. Stops squeaks and has excellent lubricating qualities, even at sub zero temperatures down to -20°C.

WCF4 Maintenance Spray has low toxicity after solvent evaporation. Does not normally affect paint, rubber, plastic or textiles.

Do not spray onto short circuits where sparking is likely to occur.

Suitable for



Penetrating, freeing oil and release additive

Rapid water repellent

Seals water out


Light lubricant