DMPS Silicone Spray

Wessex DMPS Silicone Spray

DMPS Super rich silicone lubricant and mould release.

DMPS Silicone Spray is used extensively as a release/anti-stick agent in the plastic injection and fibre glass moulding industries. It may be used on oven shelves at temperatures below 315°C and has varied uses in the footwear and ceramic industries.

As DMPS Silicone Spray is a non-staining, dry lubricant, it is ideal for \\\"sticking\\\" drawers and curtain tracks and has many applications where plastic bearings, synthetic and natural rubber, textile fabrics etc, need some form of lubrication. The ability to impart a high gloss shine to vinyl, wood and metal surfaces makes DMPS Silicone Spray an ideal dashboard renovator and trim conditioner whilst helping to eliminate squeaks.

Suitable for


Water repellency

Colourless, inert coating

General purpose

Release agent & Silicone Spray


No smell




On most surfaces

Super rich

Silicone spray