Rustbuster R500

Wessex R500 Rustbuster Spray

Rust protector and lubricant.

R500 Rust Protector and Lubricant is ideal for use in the engineering and construction industry for the maintenance and protection of cutting tools/blades and other machinery and equipment.

This solvent based formula evaporates, leaving a protective film with lubricating qualities, for long term protection.

Simply spray or brush R500 Rust Protector and Lubricant onto the surface and leave. Available in liquid and aerosol form.

Suitable for



Tools, mechanisms, equipment and more against rust


Penetrates and loosens rusted components


Penetrates and lubricates to stop squeaking

Drives out water

On metal surfaces

Frees sticky mechanisms

Un-jams and lubricates

Suitable for cutting tools

Ideal for spraying onto router cutter shanks and sawblades to prevent rust