Aqueous System 8

Inhibitor, descaler and cleaner in one easy to use product for domestic, commercial and industrial heating systems.

All in one additive with the following attributes:
1. Corrosion prevention.
2. Scale suppressant and water softener.
3. Anti-rust chelating agents for minor rust problems.
4. Polyacrylic additive to help in the flocculation of silt within the system.
5. A lubricating compound for valves and pumps.
6. A biocide for the suppression of bacterial and algae growth.
7. A compound that suppresses the production of gasses that cause 'bumping' within the system.
8. An antifreeze for water cooling systems that may be subject to cold weather.
9. Improves the thermal conductivity of water to increase the efficiency of the system.
10. Cleans system of sludge, flux and installation debris.

Suitable for


Easy to use

Just pour in and leave

Small dose

Great economy



Effective preservation and protection of heating system

Descales, cleans and protects against corrosion in one action


Prevents bacterial growth


Protects against freezing temperatures


Protects valves and pumps