Siltfree is a flocculent blend that is typically used to shift deposits of silt, mud and sand from heating systems and drains.

Siltfree gives silt and sand buoyancy in water by putting a small electrical charge on each particle. This causes the particles to repel each other and prevents silt from forming a solid mass again.

This enables the silt and sludge content of heating systems to be removed quickly and effectively when flushing with water.

Also effective in open drains where silt and sand build-up is a problem.

Can be used in conjunction with our Sludge & Flux Remover.

Suitable for


Suitable on all materials

Found in heating systems, including aluminium

Requires no neutralisation

Simply flush out with water


Material treated with Siltfree is unlikely to form a solid mass

Positive charge

To prevent deposits sticking together again


Overdosing the system does not present a problem