Sludge & Flux Remover

System cleanser and sludge remover in one easy to use product. Offers quality and great value!

Wessex has designed one product to do several jobs, saving the engineer valuable time.

Sludge & Flux Remover cleans and neutralises flux, debris, sludge, oils and grease from new and old central heating systems. It also flocculates magnetite sludges and particulate residues to facilitate their easy removal (when flushing with water). Sludge & Flux Remover is designed specifically for radiators and pipework (although it is safe to pump around the whole system).

It replaces several competitor products in one handy bottle. Save time and money.

Suitable for



Liquid cleans radiators and pipework effectively

For new and old

Suitable in both new (installations) and old central heating systems

Improves system performance, efficiency and conserves fuel

Restores circulation to radiators and pipework

Ideal preperation

Before using a corrosion inhibitor

Removes rust

Helps to descale and soften water

Safe and non-toxic

Can be left in the system for up to two weeks to breakdown magnetite sludges