Two Easy

A vehicle cleaner that combines quality and real value for money.

A non-caustic blend of chelating agents, surfactants and alkali builders. Two Easy is residue free after rinsing and is safe to use on any surface unaffected by water.

Two Easy is particularly good for cleaning aluminium alloys on motor vehicles and paintwork on cars and vans.

Wessex supplies a concentrate that you mix with water and a great value, ready to use formula in barrels, for companies that are frequent users of vehicle washes.

Suitable for


Dilute as required up to 600:1

Mix with water for great economy (concentrate version)

Safe for use all over the vehicle

Including aluminium

Can be used with a pressure washer

For rapid and effective cleaning

Versatile vehicle cleaner

Ideal for removing inlaid dirt

Tackles difficult areas

Great at removing salt and seagull droppings

Great finish

Streak and residue free finish after drying