Corrosion Inhibitor

Corrosion Inhibitor 1 Litre

Preserve and protect domestic and commercial central heating systems!

Chemical treatment for total protection against scale and corrosion in all types of indirect central heating systems, including those containing aluminium. The Wessex formulation contains Molybdate and is therefore compatible with the most common inhibitor testing kits on the market.

• Triple blend of corrosion inhibitors.
• Our own formulation.
• Formulated specifically for steels, aluminium, copper and their alloys and most materials found in heating systems.
• Formulated to the recommendations of British and German Standards (BS2486:1997 and DIN 51360).
• Forms a transparent layer over the metal, which protects against tarnishing and corrosion.

Dose system at 1% - approximately 1 litre per 10 radiators.

An aqueous blend of Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Alkanolaminearyl Sulphonamido Carboxylate, Alkanolamine Salt of Nitrogen containing Condensation Product and 4/5 – 1 H – Benzotriazole, Molybdate.

Please Note: We also now manufacture a budget Corrosion Inhibitor, cheaper but still an effective preventative.

Suitable for


Triple blend of corrosion inhibitors

Three different inhibitors in one formula to ensure corrosion prevention

Compatible with most common Inhibitor testing kits

Our own formulation

Designed by Wessex

Formulated for all system metals

Including aluminium and copper

Formulated to the recommendations of British and German Standards

BS2486:1997 and DIN 51360

Forms a transparent layer over the metal

Protects against tarnishing and corrosion


Ensures optimum boiler efficiency


Prevents boiler noise

Helps prevent pin-holing

Prevents the formation of hydrogen gas