Marinised Morendo DD

Marinised Morrendo DD

Diesel ‘Bug’ Killer & Fuel Treatment additive specifically for marine craft, boats and yachts.

Marinised Morendo is a multi-functional diesel fuel additive that contains Grotmar 71 (this is used as a preventative and decontamination treatment in diesel fuels). Marinised Morendo will improve ignition quality, combustion and storage of distillate fuels. It is designed to be added to distillate burner fuels in bulk storage tanks, or to the fuel tanks of diesel-engined marine craft.

Suitable for


Increased Cetane Number

Improved starting for all diesel engines, reduced smoke, noise and emissions. Treatment is particularly important if fuel purchases are not all from the same source or of unknown quality.


Improved lubricity in low sulphur and ultra low sulphur fuels.

Injector Cleanliness

Marinised Morendo reduces power loss and minimises fuel wastage caused by injector fouling. Injectors are maintained at peak performance over longer periods.

Improved dispersancy

Insoluble gums and other semi-solid compounds found in some fuels are dissolved and dispersed without any detrimental effects on pumps and nozzles.

Improved Fuel Stability

Marinised Morendo prevents any tendency of the fuel to oxidise in storage and form harmful sludges. It also prevents corrosion and rust in storage tanks and pipelines, reducing the possibility of filter blocking.

Water Tolerance

Use of this product promotes the separation of water from fuel so that the fuel is water free and its full calorific value is obtained.


Reduces fuel foaming for quicker transfer operations.