Powerflush Descaler EXTRA

Powerflush Descaler Extra

Extra powerful powerflushing and descaling liquid for central heating systems.

Powerflush Descaler EXTRA has been formulated to rapidly loosen, mobilise and dissolve corrosion deposits, sludge formations and iron oxides typically found in heating systems with circulation and heat transfer problems.

Can be used with or without a powerflushing machine. Using with a powerflushing machine will ensure the most effective results.

Particularly effective at dissolving limescale formations on the heat exchanger in rapid time. Acidic formulation is available in 1 and 5 litre containers. Stronger formula than our traditional Powerflush Descaler.

Suitable for


Rapid results

High acid content dissolves scale formations in quick time.

Half a bottle dose

Sufficient for average domestic system of 10-12 radiators

Powerful formulation

Twice the acid content of competitor products to ensure rapid, effective results

Safe on all materials

When used in accordance with manufacturers instructions, will not harm copper, stainless steel, aluminium or any other materials found in central heating systems.