Plastic Cleaner

Wessex Plastic Cleaner

Our Plastic Cleaner is designed specifically for cleaning plastic trim on boats, yachts and other vehicle types.

Professional formulation for the quick and effective cleaning of boat and yacht plastic trim (inside and outside) subjected to the elements or simply looking tired. Wessex Plastic Cleaner lifts off dirt, grime, grease, mould, green and bird lime. Great on inside and outside of cars and any other plastic trim in need of rejuvenation.

Supplied in a ready-to-use formula. Simply spray and wipe clean with a non-scratch cloth. Can be used with one of our microfibre cloths for excellent results.

Wessex Plastic Cleaner can be used for cleaning your boat in and out of the water without environmental concerns.

Suitable for


Cleans and rejuvenates plastic surfaces and trim

Leaves a lovely shine that offers some protection to the elements and UV rays

Simply spray and wipe for effective results