Sign Making

Specialist chemical products for the sign making industry. To make your job quicker and easier.

Application Fluid ML55
Our very own formulation. Allows you to move signage into position before setting. Great for working on vehicles, glass and other smooth surfaces.

Beaded Hand Cleaner
Wessex Beaded Hand Cleaner is a professional grade, citrus scented hand cleaner for the removal of heavy duty stains.

Fast drying solvent cleaner. Excellent at removing oil, tar and grease from a variety of surfaces. Great for spot treatment and sensitive surfaces.

Glass Cleaner
Top of the range glass cleaner with ammonia. Cuts through grease and oil.

Glue Remover
Low toxicity, effective glue remover. Doesn't damage painted, plastic or styrene surfaces but does remove a wide range of glues. Low odour means less headaches.

Industrial Methylated Spirits
PLEASE NOTE: Due to new UK regulations you now need a license to use this product.
Also known as IMS/99 and De-Natured Alcohol. Our clear methylated spirits don't contain dye that can stain surfaces. Cleans and degreases. Anti-static can be added to prevent dust from settling on surfaces. PLEASE NOTE: You need a licence obtained from the UK government to use this product.

Iso Propyl Alcohol (IPA, Isopropanol)

Protect Hands
Fast-acting, non-greasy barrier cream for wet and dry work.

• Solvent Sprayers
Solvents will eventually dissolve plastic sprayers. This sprayer has been designed with metal components to last.

Waterless Wash
Safely clean the OUTSIDE of your vehicle without needing water. Bring back to a Lovely Shine!

Wessex Alcohol Mixture
Alternative solution to Industrial Methylated Spirits without needing a licence.