Catering & Food

Chemical products suitable for food preparation areas (hygiene and cleanliness).

• Anti-Freeze MPG
Mono Propylene Glycol. Food industry machine coolant and anti-freeze.

• Beerline Cleaner
Bactericidal pipe, pump and cellar tank cleaner.

Bio Blocks
Urinal blocks with pleasant fragrance. Water soluble to prevent pipe blockages.

Biocidal non-perfumed liquid hand soap. Suitable for catering requirements.

Concentrated detergent and sanitiser for heavy duty grease removal. Used by oven cleaning professionals.

• Clearov
Thixotropic gel oven cleaner.

• Complete Bio Care
Biologically controls fats and greases in drains, sinks and pipework. Leave overnight and the bacteria digest residues, leaving free flowing pipes.

• Dishclean
Concentrated detergent for dishwashers.

FDA Bioclean 2
Non-caustic (metal safe) cleaner and sanitiser for hard surfaces in kitchen areas. Odourless, food safe and biodegradable.

• Rinseaid
Concentrated rinse additive for dish and glass washing machines.

Alcohol based hand sanitiser for use in food prep areas. Evaporates after rubbing into hands.

• Sparkle
Concentrated detergent for glass cabinets.

• Sprayov
Spray-on oven cleaner.

• Stainless Steel Polish
Polish that leaves the surface resistant to finger marks. Great on stainless steel fridges, freezers and work tops.