Engineering & Construction

Specialist manufacture and supply to the engineering and construction trades. From water based liquids to aerosols, greases and oils. We also stock a wide range of Morris (UK) and Oest (DE) oils and lubricants for industrial, metal working and automotive purposes.

Aluminium cleaner and brightener.

Industrial grade paint stripper for machinery, floors, walls, car paint and more.

• Anti-Foam
Non silicone.

• Battery Acid
SG1260, SG1270 and SG1285.

• Brick Clean
Removes scale, lime and cement stains from masonry surfaces.

Brightglass 381
Effective, alcohol based glass cleaner.

Concentrated, versatile cleaner for a variety of applications. Metal safe. Commonly used to clean floors, walls, machinery, ultrasonic baths and more.

• Chain and Cable Lube

Cleanaway A117
Aluminium safe grade. Suitable for aircraft cleaning.

Cleanaway A120
Very powerful grade for more demanding cleaning. Aluminium safe grade of B201.

Cleanaway B201
Concentrated hard surface cleaner. Removes may stubborn stains.

• Clip-clean
Citric descaler for cleaning scaffolding clips. Removes concrete, dirt, grime and grease.

Cold Galvaniser Spray
Weldable primer aerosol.

Contacta Clean 4
Non-flammable solvent degreaser for all electric motors, contacts, brakes and all metals.

• Cutter Clean
Superb wood resin remover and cleaner for saw blades.

• Degreaser RTU
Ready-to-use emulsifiable engine cleaning solvent. Same as our Engine Clean.

• Derra 123
De-rusting and degreasing solution for ferrous metals.

DMPS Silicone Spray
Quality silicone spray. Great for lubricating saw blades and planer beds.

• E506 Bulk Silicone
Dimethyl Polysiloxane in Aliphatic Hydrocarbon for surface friction reduction.

• EP8170
Preservative to prevent bacterial degradation of coolants.

• Epoxy Products
Range of Epoxy products including putty, tack primer, mortar, coating and paint.

Fast drying solvent cleaner. Highly flammable. Good at removing flux and grease without damaging plastic or electric components.

• Ferricon Primer
Rust converting liquid.

• Floor Granules
Absorbent granules for spillages.

• Floorseal D409
Penetrative acrylic concrete floor sealer.

Glass Cleaner
Top of the range glass cleaner with ammonia. Cuts through grease and oil.

• Graffiti Remover
Fast acting solvent for the removal of graffiti paint.

HSD Extra
Powerful hydrochloric based high strength descaler. Used for removing concrete and cement from tools and equipment.

Medicated Skin Cleaner
Quality medicated liquid soap with skin conditioning additives. Does not remove skins natural oils.

• Metaclean Solvo
Aviation engine cleaning compound.

• Morris Lubricants
A full range of Morris lubricants, oils, coolants and greases for a range of metal working, automotive and industrial applications. Morris Lubricants.

• Oest Lubricants
UK supplier of a full range of German Oest lubricants, oils, coolants and greases for a range of metal working, automotive and industrial applications. Oest Gruppe.

• Paints
A range of paints including two part epoxy paint for workshop, factory and garage flooring and Resistex anti-corrosion zinc paint primer.

• Purolene
Low odour, high purity, high flash point aliphatic hydrocarbon safety solvent.

Rustbuster R500
Powerful penetrator, rust protector and anti-watering fluid.

• Silicone Anti-Foam

Speciality Cutting Fluid
Cutting, drilling and tapping fluid.

• Sunstrip
Phenolic paint stripper. Industrial grade for machinery, floors, walls, car paint and more.

• Synlube D413
Fully synthetic lubricant and coolant.

WCF4 Maintenance Spray
Silicone-free maintenance spray. Displaces water, frees and lubricates rusted and seized parts.