Cleaners & Degreasers

Wessex manufacture and supply a wide range of cleaners and degreasers.

Liquid toilet bowl cleaner and descaler.

Aluminium cleaner and brightener.

• Alpclean
Powerful alpine fragranced biocidal cleaner.

Amb Clean
Biocidal and viricidal cleaner. Originally developed for use inside ambulances for hygiene purposes. Kills gram positive and negative bacteria, HIV, Hepatitis, Legionella and more.

Bathroom Cleaner
Multi-purpose cleaner for all over the bathroom. Eradicates bad odours, removes limescale and grease.

• Beerline Cleaner
Bactericidal pipe, pump and cellar tank cleaner.

• Bleach
8-11% sodium hypochlorite content.

Brightglass 381
Alcohol based glass cleaner for a wide range of applications.

Concentrated cleaner for many applications. Will not harm metals. Biodegradable.

• Citrus Cleaner
Aqueous cleaner and degreaser. Contains citric acid.

• Citrusol
Citric cleaning solvent.

Highly concentrated disinfectant, descaler and deodorising cleaner for toilet/bathroom surfaces.

Cleanaway A117
Aluminium safe grade. Suitable for aircraft cleaning.

Cleanaway A120
Very powerful grade for more demanding cleaning. Aluminium safe grade of B201.

Cleanaway B201
Concentrated hard surface cleaner. Removes may stubborn stains.

• Cleanbrite ITFR
Non-caustic pressure washer additive (metal safe). Suitable for all vehicle types.

• Clipclean
Non-toxic descaler for cleaning scaffolding clips. Also great for cleaning coffee and tea making machines.

Complete Bathroom Care
All in one biological cleaner for the whole toilet, shower and bathroom. Great at removing limescale, grease and grime.

• Complete Bio Care
Biological cleaner for kitchens and drains. Eats away fat and scale deposits. Enzymes kill odours at the source.

• Cutter Clean
Removes wood resin from saw blades. Fantastic product for any wood workshop.

FDA Bioclean 2
Non-caustic (metal safe) cleaner and sanitiser for hard surfaces in kitchen areas. Odourless, food safe and biodegradable.

• Floor Stripper
Fast acting economical polish remover for floors.

• Footsafe
For cleaning swimming pools and changing rooms. Kills athlete's foot and eradicates algae. Highly concentrated. Pleasant alpine fragrance.

Glass Cleaner
Top of the range glass cleaner with ammonia. Cuts through grease and oil.

• Heavy Duty Carpet Cleaner
Concentrated and highly effective heavy duty carpet and upholstery cleaner.

• Lemonfresh
Disinfectant destroys both gram positive and gram negative bacteria.

• Lemon Gel
Concentrated lemon cleaner and disinfectant. Suitable for use on hard floor surfaces.

• Scream
Non-scratch scouring cream. Great on UPVC window frames.

Highly effective tar remover and oil emulsifier. Great for removing tar and oil from concrete.

Teak Cleaner (Part 1)
Part 1 of our superb two part teak cleaner. Brings teak back to a freshly sanded look without hard scrubbing!

Teak Renovator (Part 2)
Part 2 of our superb two part teak cleaner. Brings teak back to a freshly sanded look without hard scrubbing!

• Terminator
Concentrated steriliser for food areas.

Heavy duty pressure washer additive. Suitable for trucks. Not suitable for cars. Removes oil and tar from tarmac.

Two Easy
Highly concentrated chelating vehicle cleaner. Can be used in pressure washers. Ready-to-use Two Easy also available in barrels at a great price!

Waterless Wash
Safely clean the OUTSIDE of your vehicle without needing water. Bring back to a Lovely Shine!

• WCF55
Bulk washing up liquid. Safe on your hands. Great at removing grease.

Wessex Bathroom Cleaner