Plumbing, Heating & Drainage

Manufacturers and suppliers of specialist chemicals to the plumbing and heating industry. We supply to hundreds of merchants around the UK. Our aim is to supply unrivalled quality, combined with real value for money.

Highly concentrated disinfectant, descaler and deodorising cleaner for heavily stained toilet bowls.

Aqueous System 8
Inhibitor, cleanser and descaler in one. Also contains lubricants, biocides and anti-freeze to give complete protection to central heating systems. Just pour in and leave.

Bathroom Cleaner
Multi-purpose cleaner for all over the bathroom. Eradicates bad odours, removes limescale and grease.

Beaded Hand Cleaner
Wessex Beaded Hand Cleaner is a professional grade, citrus scented hand cleaner for the removal of heavy duty stains.

Bio Blocks
Urinal blocks with pleasant fragrance. Water soluble to prevent pipe blockages.

• Citric Acid Powder
Food safe, organic descaler.

Highly concentrated disinfectant, descaler and deodorising cleaner for toilet/bathroom surfaces.

• Clipclean
Non-toxic liquid descaler with citric acid and inhibitors.

Corrosion Inhibitor
Our very own triple blend formula. Suitable for use on all metals.

DMD Delicate Metal Descaler
Organic acid based descaler for removal of scale and residues from metal and plastic surfaces.

Domestic Appliance Descaler
Descaler for shower heads, kettles and irons.

Powerful drain opener and cleaner. Sulphuric acid based.

• Free Off
Caustic, non-acid based drain opener and cleaner.

HSD Extra
Powerful hydrochloric based high strength descaler. Used for cleaning heat exchangers externally, when all else fails. Also used for removing concrete from tools and equipment.

Leak Sealer
Easy to use and readily dispersible. Will not cause blockages.

• Low Foam Descaler
For use in dishwashers and washing machines.

Powerflush Cleaner
Powerful cleaner for use with or without a powerflushing machine to cleanse central heating systems.

Powerflush Descaler
Phosphoric acid based descaler for use with powerflush machines in central heating systems.

Powerflush Descaler Extra
EXTRA powerful acidic descaler for rapid results with or without a powerflushing machine.

Powerflush (acid) Neutraliser
Brings acid based descalers back to pH neutral. Also called Soda Ash.

• Powerflush Pack - Full System Flush
Complete maintenance cleaning kit for the whole central heating system including radiators, pipework and heat exchanger. Designed for use with a powerflush machine.

• Powerflush Pack - Rad Clean
Cleaning kit for radiators and pipework. Suitable for new installations where boiler has been replaced or is brand new (does not require maintenance).

• Scalebreak Crystals
Crystals in a tub. Mix with water and add to the heating system.

Flocculent blend puts particles found in heating systems into suspension. Siltfree prevents particles from sticking so they are easily removed when flushing.

Sludge & Flux Remover
Cleanser/cleaner for new and old central heating systems. Cleans and neutralises sludge, flux and installation debris.

Solar Protector
Inhibited anti-freeze for solar systems and other types of heating systems. Can give protection down to at least -24°C. Different grades available.

System Descaler
Dissolves scale in central heating systems associated with boiler noise. Can be left in the system for up to one week.

Underfloor Heating Protector
Removes and prevents blockages from underfloor heating systems.

Waterless Wash
Safely clean the OUTSIDE of your vehicle without needing water. Bring back to a Lovely Shine!